7 Reasons You Shouldn't Overlook Comfort in Accommodation Modules

Often, employees who work in offshore projects have to work away from their families for weeks and maybe months. During these periods, they are exposed to complex and harsh working environments. Ideally, the onus is on the employing body to offer a safe working space.

7 Tips for Offshore Facilities Maintenance

The marine environment presents an ongoing challenge to the overall complexity of offshore facilities for the life of a project. Challenges include corrosion due to the water’s salinity, as well as damages and ongoing wear and tear from supporting multiple crews and various operations. This calls for a proper maintenance routine to reduce the running cost and prolong the life of an offshore asset.

MWD and LWD: A Comparison

When it comes to any form of offshore or depth drilling, safety and efficiency should be two considerations of paramount importance. Over the years, technological advances have made it possible for companies in the oil and gas industry to provide secure and comfortable accommodations for their drill operators. Moreover, enhanced drill bore capabilities have paved the way for companies to utilize more efficient directional drilling techniques.